16 Feb 2014

In a fever, in a dream, in a haze. I saw the moon in an unfamiliar place, it was drinking the afternoon in until there was nothing left but darkness. The night always hums, the humming turns into a deafening silence as more and more people stop shuffling around their apartments or watching late night television with the flickering pictures lighting up the walls while the shadows come out to play.

Soon their dreams will cast a spell on them and they will be lost to the world, but we, we are the blue moon club. The secret society of sleepless shoegazers. With blue moons under our eyes strong enough to control the wildest tides. We catalogue our books until 3am. We play our guitars with wonky notes and tangle our tongues around nonsensical lyrics. We stare at the stars, counting, hoping for more to appear and if they do we'll make a note and whisper between ourselves because we know a secret about the heavens, and well, that's just as heavenly as it gets.

But the longer we stay the colder we grow and the cold will rattle our sleepy bones. Then we know it is time to go home.


  1. Lovely words. :) And gorgeous dreamy photos, are they yours?

    1. Yes everything I post on here is mine. Thank you so much! :)

  2. so glad you're blogging again <3

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  5. You have absolutely no clue the amount of times I've come back to your blog, to marvel at your euphoric posts! You have a sure knack for creating dreamy pictures, all of which are excellent eye candy. I'd love to see more xxx

  6. Wow. These photos were magical. Love the dreamy colors.

    - Milla (heroesandme(dot)com)


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